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No.30 | Leather Wax & Conditioner

No.30 | Leather Wax & Conditioner


Keep your leather items in top condition with our inhouse all natural Leather 'Grease'!

Made from 100% natural oils and waxes to nourish and condition your leather from within, with added beeswax to protect and polish the surface.



  • Ingredients:

    Inhouse formulated blend of seed oils, esential oils, lipids, and beeswax. Locally sourced of the highest quality and based on age-old leather conditioning techniques.

    PS: Not recommended for suede.

  • Cleaning Leather:

    It’s critical that you give the leather a thorough cleaning before applying conditioner. Start by dusting the surface with a dry cloth, and then move on to using a leather cleaner.

    You don’t need to pay an arm and a leg to do it. And with this easy, DIY cleaning recipe, you really have no excuse for neglecting your leather. So get to work. Note: this recipe is not recommended for suede.

    Mix ½ cup white vinegar with ¼ cup olive oil.

    1. Mix white vinegar and olive oil in a spray bottle and shake well. 
    2. Lightly mist a small section of your leather bag and wipe clean with a dry cotton cloth. 
    3. Shake bottle again and repeat until you’ve cleaned the entire bag.  

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