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No.23 | Pure Wool Baby Sheepskin - Short Hair
  • No.23 | Pure Wool Baby Sheepskin - Short Hair


    Soft and luxurious, perfect for babys to sleep or play on!

    Merino wool is soft and gentle against baby skin, with great natural temperature control. Pure wool skins ensures more heat in winter, but also cools down when hot, perfectly regulating your baby's own temperature. Being odourless and breathable it provides a more comfortable sleeping time.


    And yes, it is 100% machine or hand washable, and doesn't distort or change colour. It is recommended to wash your new sheepskin with the same detergents that baby's clothes are washed before the first time use. After washing, place the skin on a flat surface to dry out, preferably on a drying rack to alow air ventilation from above and below.

    SKU: 3007-1
    • Features:

      100% natural merino wool

      Dimensions : The sizes will differ slightly between skins, but are quite large, averaging about 110cm long and 75cm wide.

      100% machine or handwashable

    • Leather:

      100% pure merino wool-on-hide

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